I Am Katina Patriquin

I was born and raised on a farm and come from a hard working family with ambition and passion for what we do. I am fortunate to have come from that background and feel much of the authenticity from that area has been engrained in me. I have realized that most people search their whole life looking for that one thing that sets their heart on fire. I found mine and everything I do in this art is fueled with that passion. I love what I do, and even though I was not born with a camera in my hands, I needed time to see life with my own eyes first.

Living that experience has allowed me to see the magic that exists between two people in love. With that, came a realization that love is tangible through the medium of photography.



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Get an intimate view with me from behind the lens and the energy from the people I get to work with and what moves me to document the art that I do.



The loves



Where do I begin, they are the reason my heart beats, my soul sings and why my house is a mess! They are my biggest accomplishment and the most challenging yet rewarding job I have ever had. Everyday brings new growth and and a deeper love for them and I could not imagine life without the gift of motherhood.

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