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November 5, 2010

Last week as soon as I got home from my Grandfathers funeral in South Dakota, I photographed the Desert Mountain Expo the next night, then on Friday I got up early and caught a flight to Naples. Florida to capture this very special event. Tina is a dear friend of mine, and you all know Miss Addison, her daughter, who is my Godchild. Her Mother and Father in law, Mr. & Mrs. B, were celebrating their 50th Wedding anniversary! What an amazing milestone! Anyway, Mrs. B really only wanted a traditional family picture with her entire family since they do not get together often. So there I was, in beautiful Naples at the Ritz and with a bad head cold! I think we managed to get the job done though:) The morning after I got there I wanted to go out and scout around, but due to all the traveling and a cold I somehow managed to sleep in….LATE. I did check out the beautiful Naples beaches though !

Then I met up with Lil Miss Addison while she was dining by room service in her room…Yes, they actually serve PB&J at the Ritz! ha

Then after her Mom got her ready for the big event we had some fun playing in the curtains!

I just LOVE this shot of her!

While waiting for the other families I got this shot of Tina and her family. I had the PERFECT location to shoot in, but a wedding was going on there so we were forced to move:(

Here are all the grandchildren…All those girls and only ONE BOY! Way to hold it down Cam!

The whole Beattie family!

This little cutie came as well! Meet Pasha!

Before we got kicked out of the other location I caught this….a “FIRST LOOK!”

After the photo’s it was time to kick off the celebration!

As a gift to Mr. & Mrs. B one of the grandchildren thought to refurbish their original wedding rings that were broken! They were SHOCKED to say the least!

Then they had a great slideshow of pictures from the past!

I think they had a beautiful night with their children and grandchildren….family really is a powerful thing!

The next morning I caught these two, Pasha just tuckered out and Addie…well, racking up the room charge again! haha

Thanks again to the Beattie family for allowing me to capture and be a part of such a special occasion!

much love.katina

  1. Bell

    November 12th, 2010 at 6:27 pm

    How special! I love how you posed the entire family! It looks very Annie Liebowitz. Next you’ll be photographing the royal family ;)