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A: I really like to classify my style of photography in a few different words organic, raw and romantic. My style is a little more photojournalistic and less traditional. I love to let the day unfold naturally because truly my one goal is for you to look back at an image and remember what you felt at that VERY moment! THEN I know I did my job!

Q: What is your style of photography and what sets you apart from other photographers?

A: I really wish I could give you some beautiful story that starts of by “every since I was a little girl I had a camera in my hands” but that is NOT my story. It was not until after I was married that I truly did not want the feeling of capturing moments to end…so my Husband bought me a camera and I thanked my lucky stars that God allowed me to find my passion in this lifetime! I consider myself VERY blessed since a lot of people go a lifetime and never know. I truly believe when you find the spot where you belong you hit the ground running, and that is exactly what I did and have never looked back!

Q: How did you get into photography?

A: Absolutely! I would love the chance to customize a package that fits your
needs ;) All day wedding coverage starts at $3700 with options from there.

Q: We love your work, how much do you charge for wedding day coverage and can you customize a package?

A: Depending on the season typically your images take 2-4 weeks to edit and complete. Then all images go on an online gallery and professional lab for you to view/and or order from (including guests). Then I also add some of my favorite images on my blog as well as social media for you to share!

Q: After the wedding how long do the images take to edit and when can we expect them? Also, what is the process of how we view them?

A: Just give me a call! I would love to meet and chat over coffee and talk about all the amazing details you are planning for your wedding! I actually leave with visions in my head! If we are a good match then I will send a contract and require a deposit to hold the date. Ta-da I am BOOKED!

Q: How do I book Katina Patriquin Photography for my day?

A: YES, I am a firm believer that even though I document the day it is still YOUR story! After the images are uploaded to the online gallery you can create a folder of the images you want in YOUR album to tell YOUR story!

Q: If I purchase an album how does the design process work and do I get to pick the images for my album?

A: Yes I do! I usually have a consistent gal that has a degree in photography and is my honorary VIP of KPP! She acts as my second shooter when I physically cannot be two places at one and acts as an assistant as well! She is invaluable to my business and I adore her as well!

Q: Do you have and assistant/2nd shooter that comes to the wedding as well?

A: I have them packaged up and shipped right to your front door! I always recommend loading them on several computers and also storing the flash drive in a safe spot! As far as printing them…well you get what you pay for! I ALWAYS recommend a professional lab.

Q: If the Collection I pick comes with a flash drive of images how do I receive it and where should I go to print the images?

A: Well, ultimately it comes down to the more time I am there the more images I will capture! Also, if you decide on opting against a “first look” then your natural light photographs will be far less. Normally speaking a collection can range from 700-1000 images.

Q: How many images get edited and delivered to us? Do you retouch them?

A: YES, YES, and YES!!! That last yes was shouted! Ha You need to realize that the venue coordinator has her hands full of a TON of other tasks to make sure the day runs smoothly and has no time for the finer details. A wedding planner has so much more experience then the first time bride…I mean you would not attempt heart surgery if you didn’t have experience right? There is an algorithm to your wedding day and when it is planned perfect the day just flows with beauty and grace! I do work with them in regards to the timeline and I value their option as much as they do mine! It really makes for the PERFECT team to pull off a PERFECT day!!!

Q: Do you work with wedding planners and if so do you think they are important to hire? Also, do you assist with the timeline?

A: I do request a “must have” list, which consists of your family portrait section of your day. Other than that I am a photojournalistic photographer and really want to make sure the moments I capture are real… and if so they will leave you with goose bumps!

Q: Do you accept or work off of a “shot list”?

A: I am available for overtime at $200 per hour

Q: What if we need more hours then contracted?

A: I love the engagement session for so many reasons I love to get familiar with your personalities and get a feel for the love you share together. Normally the e-session is 1-1.5 hours and 2 wardrobe changes. One more casual and one dressier. I have several locations but I really like to brainstorm with you to really pick a unique spot to take your photos. I do have some destinations brides that cannot shoot the e-session and that is not problem, something about the suspense of meeting you for the first time on your wedding day makes me giddy to capture all the details of your day. I can get a feel of the person you are through the details you have chosen.

Q : If the Collection I purchase comes with an engagement session what can I expect? Time, location wardrobe changes…etc?

A: YES, and I can provide that certificate to your venue if they so require it.

Q : Do you have insurance?

A: Oh this my friends is a loaded question! Please see this link to really tell my story behind the “first look!”

Q : What is this thing everyone is calling a “FIRST LOOK”?

A: Absolutely! I love seeing different areas and getting inspired by the different surroundings! Please email me for details.

Q : Do you photograph destination weddings?

A: Yes, I am required by the state to charge them

Q : Do I pay sales tax?

A: Generally I book out 9-12 months out…so enough reading email me now

Q : How far out do you book weddings?

A: I always say that photographer is very subjective….there is no right or wrong the only true judgment is how it makes you feel when you look at an image. With that being said two things come to my mind when I am asked this question 1. Make sure you are comfortable with the photographer if not it will show through in your photos and the next piece of advice was one that is not related to photography by something I personally did for my wedding …..STOP take a few seconds throughout the day to take a deep breathe and take it all in! Make a conscious decision to do this because the day goes so fast …and if for one moment you could stop time…this would be the time.

Q : If you could offer me one piece of advice on hiring a wedding photographer what would it be?